Information about FreeCouch4Fans

How it works

How it works

Post a new listing

This is how you can offer to host for free the Freecouchers.

Post your listing specifying your favorite sports and team, as well as any additional information you might think of use for your guests, like pictures or videos so as to best describe what you would like to share with the members of the Freecouch4Fans community.

Look for a place to stay

All you need to do is to use the map, the filters or the search bar to find the most suitable accommodation and contact your potential host, as simple as it can be !

Get in touch

Regardless of whether you are a host or a guest, you can directly be in touch with Freecouchers by sending each other messages via the plateform to verify each other's availability and work around the logistic. 

Up to you to accept or not the hosting request.

Voyagez, Echangez, Connectez !

Vous avez désormais tout en main pour faire partie de la communauté et vivre une expérience incroyable !